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About me

Let me introduce myself

A bit about me

Equal parts analytical and creative, I love efficient and streamlined workflows, mastering new programs and tools, and finding creative solutions to problems. I am fascinated by the psychology of design and its effects upon user behavior, and I want to contribute to the efficacy of digital communications.

• Tech Savvy: Skilled in LAMP stack development, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3, Git for version control, and an expert in PhotoShop and Lightroom, I am also knowledgeable in Mobile First design practices, Content Strategy in design, and best practices for an optimal User Experience. • Collaborative: I enjoy working in a cross functional environment, learning from others and collectively working towards our common goals. • Efficient: I work hard to complete projects on-time and on-budget with the highest level of technical expertise and professionalism, while maximizing end-user satisfaction.


Dorrie Bauckman photo

Personal info

Dorothy (Dorrie) Bauckman

My UX process involves low-fidelity sketching to quickly capture ideas, then creating wireframes in Balsamiq or Illustrator and high-fidelity mockups in PhotoShop. I am a user advocate, and a user experience and content strategy advocate.

Phone number: (970)232-2988
Website: www.dorriesiobhan.com
Photography: www.dorothyayers.com
E-mail: dorriesiobhan at gmail.com


What I have done


  • 2015-future

    Princess Paradise Costumes Digital Imaging Specialist

    Coordinating all samples, props, models, and photographers for photo shoots. Managing all post-photography for retouching and corrections. Edit product photos for print and online applications; assist with garment fittings for photo shoots; layout and design for print and digital catalogues; create banner ads and artwork for trade shows.

  • 2015-future

    Passing Moment Media LLC WordPress Developer/Web Content Writer

    Work with freelance clients to create business and organization websites on the WordPress platform. Write engaging and search-engine friendly website copy and online articles for a broad range of subjects and audiences. Capture stock photography and use image manipulation and compositing skills to add style and branding to web templates.

  • 2013-2014

    USDA, OCIO User Experience Designer

    Prepared layout and visual design for an internal service status notification app, using Photoshop and Illustrator. Designed and optimized all icons and visual elements. Front-end and database design & development for a companion administrator's web portal (tools used: Drupal, Pantheon, MySQL, Acquia Dev Desktop, and GitHub). Prepared a centralized, shareable document repository for development documentation. Authored proposals, project plans, training & marketing plans, etc. and gave presentations to key stakeholders.

  • 2010-2013

    City of Fort Collins, et al Technical Writer

    Documented a new, AS9100 compliant quality system and Quality Manual which received an impressive score of 96% in its first year of implementation. Reviewed incoming solicitations (RFIs, RFPs, RFQs). Prepared and reviewed proposals with an eye for accuracy and compliance with RFP instructions.


  • 2014-future

    Continuing Education Certificates

    Lynda - Creating an Effective Content Strategy for Your Website.

    Coursera - Human-Computer Interaction.

    Coursera - Content Strategy for Professionals I.

    Lynda - Digital Publishing Fundamentals.

    Treehouse - Mobile App Design for iOS.

  • 2007-2010

    Colorado State University B.A. Language and Writing

    My coursework involved an in-depth study of language and communication. I took courses in Online Writing, Nonfiction and Creative Writing, as well as editing and proofreading. I studied the French language and its literature and history, and was lucky enough to spend a year abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France, where I took courses at the highest achievable language level.

  • 2006-2007

    Front Range Community College A.A. Graphic Design

    Front Range allowed me the opportunity to take technology and liberal arts courses with a small class size and high ratio of teacher-student interaction. My studies involved the Adobe Software Suite, Web Design, Writing and Literature, and Statistics and Sciences.

Skills & Things about me

html & css
Web Developer


My favorite projects and case studies

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Infographic - Digital Publishing Formats

Custom-Designed Infographic Explaining Pros and Cons of Different Digital Publishing Formats

Monday, May 30, 2016

Dash - Service Status Update Mobile App UI/UX and Visual Design for USDA

DASH - Service Status Mobile App

Mockups of the Dash App for iPhone 4

Project Overview

"Dash" was created while working with developers, project managers, and stakeholders in an agile (Scrum) environment using JIRA project management and communication tools.

I prepared the layout and visual design for this internal service status notification app, using Photoshop and Illustrator. I was responsible for designing and optimizing all icons and visual elements.

Additionally, this project required the front-end development and database design for a companion administrator's web portal (tools used: Drupal, Pantheon, MySQL, Acquia Dev Desktop, and GitHub). I prepared a centralized, shareable document repository for development documentation, and authored proposals, project plans, training and marketing plans, etc. and gave presentations to key stakeholders.

The mobile app and companion web app were designed to meet Section 508 requirements for accessibility.

Companion Web Portal - Sketches and Wireframes

We determined that the necessary core experience for the average user was fulfilled by the mobile application, so it was acceptable and even beneficial to add in secondary functionality incrementally for larger devices. Therefore, for the Dash service management tool, the admin console is only available through the desktop web app.
Of the many employees that would be using this app, only an extremely small percentage are service administrators who will be monitoring and setting up the service notification and configuration options. So trying to wedge this complex secondary functionality into the mobile app would only add a level of confusion that might actually hinder the average user's experience. Instead, the mobile app focused on providing all the core tools that an employee would need to monitor the status of a service. 
This approach worked because we were providing a business product and we understood the context our administrators would be working in.

Digital Wireframing in PhotoShop

Mockups of Mobile Layout

User Testing and Review

This project involved regular presentations of design concepts to stakeholders and team members, as well as a thorough review and testing phase, wherein I gathered user feedback via surveys and live user observation. I then came up with design solutions and strategies to address any concerns and suggestions that arose during the review phase.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Designing a Business Site: the Illada Website Re-design Process

User Interface Design Process for Consulting Business Website

Notebook mockup created by Medialoot.com

These are some screenshots showing the iterative design process for the User Interface of a website designed for Illada LLC, a Fort Collins consulting group.

Goals and Requirements

Specific client requests included:

  • Responsive Design
  • Green + Blue Color Scheme
  • "Submit Your Resume" function
  • Contact Us area
  • Ability to post White Papers
  • More personalized and relevant photos + graphics

I interviewed the stakeholders and reviewed their existing site and content to establish:

a) What does the company excel at? - Program and Project Management, generally IT related and mostly for government clients, but Program Management really seemed to be the STAR of their service offerings.
b) What makes Illada different? Length of experience/service in their industry; strength of their network and connections and the personalized service they offer; considerable experience and certifications

Content Top Priorities: 

  1. What Illada does + what value they provide 
  2. Socioeconomic statuses and certifications

Design Problems

Based on my research and interviews, I established a few Design Problems that the site redesign needed to address.

  1. The existing site design was not an accurate reflection of their brand.
  2. The most important information was buried within the site's information architecture.
  3. It was initially unclear what services they offered and what industry they served.
  4. The site did not highlight the considerable qualifications of the business owners.
  5. There was no clear call to action.
I also realized that the site needed to serve two main groups of users:
a) Potential clients
b) Potential talent/employees

Competitor Review and Analysis

The client highlighted several existing websites that had elements they liked, noting well-organized services list, layouts that were concise and to-the-point, and clean design with lots of white space as especially important considerations.

User Interface Sketch and Analysis of Example Site 1
User Interface Sketch and Analysis of Example Site 2
UI Sketch and Analysis of Example Site 3

Establishing the Information Architecture


Mind-mapping is often the first step of my design process. It helps to take all of the vague notions and ideas surrounding a project and get them down on paper so you can review and evaluate them.

Content Priority Exercise

A simple but very effective exercise using nothing more than post-its cut into strips. I wrote each piece of content that the site needed to provide on a strip of sticky paper, then re-organized those elements until they formed a cascade of prioritized content, from most to least essential. This formed the basis for how I organized the content on the site and was especially useful when deciding how content would display on mobile devices.

Mobile Considerations and Responsive Design

Early Versions of the Home Page Design

Layout Option Mockups for Client Review

Mockups created in PhotoShop.
Layout Option 1

Layout Option 2

Main Page Slider Options

Final Design for the Main Page User Interface

Friday, May 27, 2016

AgFind, Contact Finder Mobile App UI/UX Design for USDA

Contact Finder Mobile App

Wireframing and UI Design using Balsamiq. Worked directly with Mobile Developer to manage design implementation and testing. Directed app marketing and communications efforts, including HTML email design for email campaign, articles for internal newsletters, and a QuickTime video tour of the app's interface and functionality.

The mobile app was designed to meet Section 508 requirements for accessibility.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Process and Procedure Documentation Project - Aerospace Engineering Industry


What I have to offer

Technical Communication

Developing technical content strategies to match the way your users consume information.

User Experience

Translating complex business needs into simple and appealing user experiences.

WordPress Development

Coding, development, and creation of responsive, content-optimized, and author-friendly WordPress sites.


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Fort Collins, Colorado

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