Jennifer, USDA

Dorrie is the type of resource that companies dream of. She is self-motivated, curious, creative and loves to learn new things. She manages her time, objectives and tasks and always goes above and beyond what is expected…

Peter, Illada LLC

Your simple and streamlined approach to writing and content management were of great value and benefit to this project. You don’t overthink or complicate your instructions, processes or procedures and that is very valuable for end users. You take an organized approach to content and help teach all of the folks around you. You also are very forward-thinking, ensuring we learn from each project experience and carry those lessons forward.

Jenici, Princess Paradise

I know Dorrie to be a natural leader. She is well organized and an excellent communicator

which allows her to collaborate across departments in order to help the company achieve and

exceed it's goals. She is very level headed and has a talent for creative problem solving as well

an excellent eye for design and aesthetics. I am confident that she would be an asset for any

organization and they would be lucky to have her.

Mike, Colorado Virtual Tours

Dorothy has a unique attention to detail and insight that far exceeded expectations. Her expertise  surpassed her job requirements and she continually proves to work at a high level.


Fantastic work!! A pleasure to work with Dorrie – delivers on time and exceeds expectations...Definitely recommend hiring.

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